RadarScan Issues Management

RadarScan Issues Management

Early action is the theme of this book by Mark Affleck, who writes, "If an organization waits until all the issues and forces reveal themselves and then acts, it's always too late. RadarScan Issues Management helps you develop a culture that not only accepts, but looks for harbingers that may signal a new trend or threat even when it seems implausible." Affleck shows how to anticipate issues, paint scenarios, generate intelligence on strategic issues, and plot issue trajectories. Tools described in this succinct manual include the Issue Probability-Impact-Risk Assessment worksheet, the Issue Summary, a 20-step Persuasion Guide, and the RadarScan Issues Management Model, which begins with assessing the Organizational "Soul" as a values filter for action.
Mark E. Affleck (0-913869-06-6) Paperback, 98 pages, May 1998


Part One: Playing In The Future Now

There Is No Such Thing As "On Time"
Organizing for Issues Management

Part Two: The Radarscan Issues Management Model

The Organizational Soul
The Issues Factory
Turning on the Radar Scanner
The Analysis Factor

Part Three: Begin to Begin...TAKE ACTION!

The Strategic Frame
The Persuasion Purpose
The Evaluation Imperative

Appendix A

RadarScan Issues Management Model


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