Social Change and Corporate Strategy:

Social Change and Corporate Strategy:

The Expanding Role of Public Affairs

Canadian author Andrew B. Gollner illuminates the societal forces that are transforming relations among business, government, labor and other institutions. Based on face-to-face interviews with public affairs practitioners in Canada and the United States, written survey questionnaires, and the most extensive literature search to date, this is an authoritative and well-researched book on public affairs.
Andrew B. Gollner, Ph.D. (0-913869-00-7) Hardcover, 205 pages, December 1983  


Chapter 1: Underlying Concepts and Premises

Strategic Overview
The Concept of Corporate Strategy
The Definition of Public Affairs
The Focus of This Book
The Ideological and Methodological Underpinnings

Chapter 2: The Societal Forces Transforming the Corporate Agenda

The Growth of Institutional Interdependence
The Technological Revolution
The Changing Structures and Rules of the Market Economy
The Social Causes of Change
The Impact of Public Policy and Governmental Growth

Chapter 3: The Dynamics of Expanding State Intervention and Public Policy

The Ideological Boundaries of the Debate Over Governmental Growth
The Stimulants of Govenmental Growth
Socio-Economic Stimulants
Political-Ideological Stimulants
Future Trends in Governmental Growth: A Checklist for Corporate Attention

Chapter 4: The Boundaries of Corporate Social Involvement

An Overview of the Competing Definitions of Corporate Social Responsibility
An Audit-Based Approach to Corporate Social Involvement

Chapter 5: The Components of the Public Affairs Function

Delineating the Turf
The Services and Clientele of Corporate Public Affairs Departments

Chapter 6: The Driving Forces of Corporate Public Affairs

Environmental Analysis, Issues Management and Public Affairs Research
Linking Public Affairs to Strategic Planning
Increasing the Public Affairs Capabilities of Operating Managers
The Interaction of Public Affairs and Public Relations
Conclusions: The Transition from Adolescence to Maturity: A Summary of the Stages in the Development of Corporate Public Affairs

Chapter 7: The Emerging Public Affairs Curriculum

Is there an Educational Challenge?
A Review of Canadian and American Educational/Research Programmes
The Directions for Innovation: The Changing Content of Public Affairs Education

Appendix: List of Interviewees

Selected Bibliography


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