Aim for the Zone of Constructive Engagement (Electronic Version)

Aim for the Zone of Constructive Engagement (Electronic Version)

When leadership is surprised by new external confrontation, a gut-reaction response is natural, but can be very costly. This 12-page paper helps you better anticipate the challenge and take stock of the true costs and implications so that your organization’s response is more rational. Five strategic stances are explored, three of which represent constructive engagement with critics. The paper closes with a few questions to ask yourself as you navigate the turbulence.

Authors Rick Ferraro and Teresa Yancey Crane each has more than three decades’ experience working directly with companies to help practitioners develop, learn and deploy best practices in the Issue Management discipline to drive executive decision making on topics that can be intangible and unpredictable.

Table of Contents

Issues Happen, and Activists May Not Play Fairly....... Page 2

Issue Life Cycle – Choose When to Engage............... Page 4

Quantify the Impact of the Issue on Company
Profit and Loss (P&L)and Assess Overall Importance.. Page 6

Consider Alternative Response Postures
and Evaluate the Strategic Implications of Each......... Page 10

Do a Self-Check and Obtain Executive Buy-In........... Page 12

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