Issue and Crisis Management

Issue and Crisis Management

Where issues and crisis management intersect and converge with risk and reputation is one of the most dynamic and challenging areas of professional communication.

Written by one of Australia's leading experts in issue and crisis management, this book introduces and examines each of these elements, and explores their relationship as an integrated model within the broader contexts of public relations, communication and management. It provides comprehensive analysis and discussion of theoretical perspectives and current field research and introduces industry examples of best practice.

Issue and Crisis Management equips students and practitioners with key knowledge and skills to manage the communication process within organizations, and inform strategic responses to issues and crises.
Tony Jaques (978-0-19-552908-1) Paperback, 324 pages, 2014


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1  Setting the Framework
What is an issue?
What is issue management?
What is a crisis?
What is crisis management?   

2  Issue Management – Development and Tools
The emerging theoretical framework
The evolving discipline
Tools and processes
Impact of internet and social media
  Case studies:

  Issues that prevent anti-smoking campaigns from working
  James Mahoney
  Planned and reactive responses to confected outrange

  Brendan Elliott   

3  Issue Management – Identification and Prioritisation
Scanning and identification
    Case Studies:

    Super Size Me – A tale of two nations
     Mark Sheehan
    Early issue identification for crisis prevention
     Tony Jaques

4  Issue Management – Planning
Remaining in reactive mode
Legal response syndrome
Ad hoc management
Unclear goals
The value of a planning model
Introducing an issue management model
Issue management best practice
  Case studies:

  Nationalism versus animal rights – value advocacy in Corporate management
   Aimei Yang
  Lost in translation – Tourism Australia’s “Where the bloody hell are you?” campaign

  Mark Sheehan

5  Issue Management – Activism
Activism and the impact of technology   
Activist strategies – prioritising effort
Activist strategies – defining the issue
Activist strategies – confrontation versus engagement
Activist tactics
Corporate response to activist campaigns
  Case studies:
  Recognising activists as expert issue communicators
  Katharina Wolf
  Activist campaigning and the importance of issue framing
  Tony Jaques

6  Crisis Management – Readiness and Response
Development of crisis management
Iconic crises
What is a crisis?
  Case Studies:

  From denial to response – the Indonesian mud-flow disaster
  Lyn McDonald
  Offshore petroleum oil spills – readiness and response

  Tina Hunter

7  Crisis Management – Planning
Overcoming denial
Elements of the crisis plan
The qualities of an effective crisis spokesperson
Should the CEO go to the scene to take charge?
Learning from past crises
  Case Studies:

  Planning for a crisis - even when it’s a hoax
  Timothy Sellnow
  Crisis planning – consistency of message and research are the keys
  Gwyneth Howell

8  Crisis Management – International
Crises spanning multiple nation states
Multinational organizational crises
Organisational crises across borders
The nature of multinationals
Recognising potential cross-border crises
Recognising cross-border crisis impact
Recognising cultural differences
  Case studies:

  The globalisation of activism – case of an environmental dispute
  Manoj Thomas
  Political and media systems impact crisis response – the melamine-tainted milk crisis
  Joanne Chen Lyu   

9  Crisis Management – Disasters
Types of disasters
What about catastrophes?
Disaster management
Social media in disaster communication
  Case studies:
  The impact of social media on public information management
  Gary Mersham
  Bushfire disaster test communication capacity
  Chris Galloway
10 Risk Management – Perception, Hazard and Outrage
Defining terms
The risk paradox
Social amplification of risk framework
Risk communication
  Case studies:
  Risk management and understanding the real issue
  Chris Galloway
  The HPV school vaccination factsheet – communicating risks and benefits
  Deborah Wise

11 Risk Management – Reputation
So why is good reputation important?
The reputation – reality gap
Reputation, issues and crises
  Case studies:
  Risk management – proactive versus reactive public relations
  Gwyneth Howell
  Pre-empting risks to prevent reputation slide
  Augustine Pang   
12 Leadership and the Future
Corporate social responsibility
Integration of systems
The role of leadership
Future trends

Appendix:  Issue Management Plan – A Fully Worked Example
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