Integrating Issue Management and Futures Research

Integrating Issue Management and Futures Research

 The integration of issue management and corporate futuring enables a company to inject into its business planning process possible future states by transforming current intelligence into actionable, measurable strategy aligned with optimal future outcomes. This paper maps the evolution two parallel disciplines, providing corporate examples of each progression. In a move toward integration, the authors present a Futures & Issue Management Continuum from “vision” to “policy.” Special focus is given to identifying “factors of influence” that measure performance and drive corporate priorities. The paper concludes with a proposed Executive Decision Support Process that illustrates how futures and issue management tools, participants and outcomes can drive competitive advantage.
Teresa Yancey Crane and Michael Palese, 10 pages


  • New Demands on Management
  • Origins and Evolution of Two Complementary Disciplines
  • Futures Applications in Corporate Planning:
    The Evolution Toward “Hybrid Foresight”
  • Corporate Applications in Issue Management:
    Evolution Toward Strategic Policy Planning
  • The Vital Link: “Factors of Influence”
  • Common Methodologies
  • The Powerful New Executive Decision Support System
  • When Worlds Collide… or Coincide

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