A Stakeholder Approach to Issues Management

A Stakeholder Approach to Issues Management

Issues management is an inexact science; generally speaking, it concerns the assessment, analysis, and management of the inputs into managerial decision making, both strategic and tactical. There are even some who argue that some of the best outcomes are produced by approaching issues management as an intuitive art rather than a methodical science. However, the view guiding this book is that issues management is an applied social science and therefore is subject to the same peculiarities as all other branches of the social sciences.
Robert Boutilier (978-1-60649-097-6) Paperback, 172 pages, 2012



Chapter 1: Why a Stakeholder Approach to Managing Issues?

Chapter 2: Where Do Issues Come From?

Chapter 3: Social Capital in Stakeholder Networks

Chapter 4: Getting the Data

Chapter 5: Summarizing the Data

Chapter 6: Developing Strategies for Specific Issues and Their Stakeholders

Chapter 7: General Issues Management Strategies and Metastrategies




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